1 Timothy 4:7b-8

““...discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness; for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things,

since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” ”



Every Christian is called to be a disciple of Jesus. The word disciple means to be a learner or a student, and it conveys the idea of following and imitating a master, in our context, the Lord Himself. 

Discipleship Training at Foothill Christian Fellowship is a series of classes aimed at building up the church so that we can effectively know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

We provide a variety of classes that fall into three separate tracks…

1. Bible Survey — this track aims at getting us more grounded and established in Scripture.

2. History & Theology — this track strengthens our grasp and command of sound Bible doctrine.  In addition, we will get an introduction to the history of God’s work in and through the Church.

3. Christian Discipleship — is a broad track that seeks to instruct us in the fundamental disciplines of the Christian life, as well as train us in the more practical aspects of following Christ.



All classes meet every Sunday from 9:00-10:00am. 

We will be having new classes every 13 weeks.  Our winter classes run December 9th through March 3rd.


1.     HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE                       Location:  Room 8
This 13-week class will look at the most important methods of understanding how the Bible fits together, the Bible’s structure and literary genres, and some specific study tools and methods to allow us to better understand the Bible. The goal is to equip you to grow in your love for God, and grow in your discernment of how to live as faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, by teaching you how to read and understand the Bible.

2.     SINGLENESS, DATING & COURTSHIP                    Location:  Room 5
The content of weeks 1-5 will discuss the theology of singleness, covering such topics as the gift and choice of singleness, fostering relationships within the church, cultivating contentment, and investment into kingdom building. Weeks 6-13 will discuss courtship, using the lens of Scripture to talk about governing principles of courtship, stages within these relationships, and issues faced in courtship.

3.     EVANGELISM                 Location:  Room 2
This 13-week study is about one of the main purposes of our life – to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to equip you, encourage you and exhort you to be disciple-makers. This course is designed for people who want to, by the grace of God, learn how to better tell others about the Savior who came to rescue sinners from the wrath of God. This course is intended to be put into practice, and not to put on a shelf for dust collection or use at some future time. This class will help you be about advancing the kingdom of God.

4.     SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY I                Location:  Main Building

This 13-week class will present an orderly arrangement of the study of God so that as individuals we can grow in our knowledge and faith — to grow to love God more; theology fuels worship because it gives us a grand vision of God. We also study theology so that as a church we can be an accurate reflection of God to the world. Doctrine matters. Knowing what we believe and why will guard against shipwreck of our faith and help us engage the culture in which we live.