1 Timothy 4:7b-8

“...discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness; for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things,

since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” ”



    Every Christian is called to be a disciple of Jesus. The word disciple means to be a learner or a student, and it conveys the idea of following & imitating a master, in our context, the Lord Himself. 

    Discipleship Training at Foothill Christian Fellowship is a series of classes aimed at building up the church so that we can effectively know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

    We provide a variety of classes that fall into three separate tracks…

    1. Bible Survey – this track aims at getting us more grounded and established in Scripture.

    2. History & Theology – this track strengthens our grasp and command of sound Bible doctrine.  In addition, we will get an introduction to the history of God’s work in and through the Church.

    3. Christian Discipleship – is a broad track that seeks to instruct us in the fundamental disciplines of the Christian life, as well as train us in the more practical aspects of following Christ.



    All classes meet every Sunday from 9:00-10:00am. 

    We will be having a new classes every 13 weeks.  Our Fall classes run September 9th thru December 2nd.


    1.     MEMBERSHIP MATTERS/FOLLOWING JESUS                        Location:  Office
    Membership: As you consider becoming a member of FCF, it's important that we tell you what we believe.  We begin with exploring our statement of faith that describes our interpretation on what the Bible teaches about the major elements of Christianity: God, man, sin, atonement, Christ, church, heaven, hell, judgment, and grace.  We'll explore our church's covenant, along with reasons for becoming a member.  A quick overview of church (universal) history will tie to the history of the church (local), aka FCF.  We conclude with describing our life together in God's local family, along with our goals for expanding the family via missions.  Those desiring to become members will be invited to complete an application and schedule an interview with an elder.

    Following Jesus: Designed for anyone new in their relationship with Jesus.  The starting point will be exploring the miracle of salvation.  Then we learn more about living that relationship according to God's ways, how we listen to Him and how we speak with Him.  We'll refine our focus further by understanding what it means to meet with God's family and to meet with the world (those still outside the faith).  Finally we explore what the Bible teaches about living and dying in hope.


    2.     PARENTHOOD                     Location:  Room 5
    Within the training category of Christian roles, this class will explore the following topics (and more): the family's purpose and  ministry; home-based worship; behavior from the heart; how the Word and the rod form and correct; gender expression; technology and social media; the hyper-zealous vs. the over-resting parent.

    3.     HOW TO GROW                  Location:  Room 8
    Within the category of the Christian discipleship, this class explores the spiritual disciplines that God freely and lovingly provides to His children.  Some of these spiritual resources, (which enable wisdom, joy, and strength of Christian living) will include 24/7 worship, absorbing the Bible, prayer, fasting sin-confession, evangelism, spiritual fruitfulness, stewardship and perseverance.

    4.     COMPLETION OF ISAIAH                 Location:  Main Building